Thursday, January 20, 2011

thoughts on girlfriends

(girlfriends ACEO)

I was going to save this post for later, but I am kinda feeling it tonight.
So I am not going to fight it.

In the past I have been pretty darn lucky
when it comes to girlfriends.
I have been blessed in fact.
We certainly have had our troubles
but when I needed them
(and visa versa) they were there.

When I moved away from Ohio I left a wonderful and dear best friend there. And then I got here I suppose I expected to meet people and make close relationships fairly quickly. I made an effort, I was nice and fun and social, and I even tried my hardest to be patient. But now here I am six months later and though I do know some wonderful women here I have not found one that I feel that particular click with.

And I know that this might not be that unusual
and that maybe I have just been super lucky to have had it
so often so far in my life
and that maybe it gets harder to create close relationships as we get older
but regardless of all these reasons or justifications or what have you
the result is that not having it (in the same town as me,
within walking distance preferably... :) pretty much sucks.

Women need to feel connection with other women
We just do.
Perhaps creative types and us emotional creatures need this even more.


  1. I agree and love this post!

    Cheers to friends and the work it takes to make them all feel cherished!

    kathleen xx

  2. I totally feel this. Its taken me years to find a girlfriend here in dallas. We do need our girlfriends.

    and I love your adorable!

  3. It is harder to make friends as we get older. Basically, once our school days are behind us, it takes more effort to meet people and making lasting friendships. Since I just moved from MO to FL, I've been trying very hard to get out and meet people (though my two closest friends are in FL, they aren't as close to where I live as I'd like them to be), and the lonelies have set in, but it'll work out eventually (...right?).

  4. Thanks guys! Its so nice to know I am not alone in this.

    And yep, its all going to work out in the end :) (fingers crossed!!)

  5. I do feel for you on this. I think people you really love are quite rare, and it sometimes takes years to meet a real kindred spirit. Or maybe I'm too fussy! Fingers crossed that your next fabulous friend is just around the corner x


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