Friday, January 21, 2011


Some thoughts after a day spent underwater...
*Its an amazing kind of solitude and forced being in the moment that is hard to find elsewhere.
*It forces me to see things in a new way. I am literally underneath when I am used to viewing from above. The physical change expands and becomes mental.
*The storm above does not translate below. Its like there is a buffer around me and I cannot be touched. I am cushioned from all but my immediate environment. The surrounding water is a comfort. Instead of feeling confined its freeing.
*Below everything has a twinge of blue.
*Communication is difficult so I am left with only my own mind and imagination and interpretations of senses. Sound is important.
*Its difficult to care or worry about other practical things. My focus is not on money or jealousy or some past mistake, instead I focus only on my next breath and the wonders that are in front of me.


  1. Thanks Ladies :)
    It was a pretty awesome experience.

  2. Susie this looks amazing!

  3. It truly does give you an entirely different perspective on yourself and your life. I hope you had fun! It looks like a wonderful place to snorkel.

  4. You make a beautiful mermaid! :D

    I want to get SCUBA certified!


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