Wednesday, November 10, 2010

aceo love and chasing the upswing

I am an interesting combination
of positive and negative.
In one way I am eternally optimistic, which sometimes makes it nearly impossible for me to fully give up on something. But I also have occasional strong doses of depressive tendencies mixed in with that very stubborn persistence. That makes for some pretty wild mood swings.
At least it keeps things interesting :)
But I am happy to say that
I am learning the art of control and balance
and that right now
I am on a lovely upswing.
This is partially due to some good friends and their kind gestures, some amazing family, a night of watercolors, many cups of coffee, my sweet kitty, and the unending rainfall yesterday.
I hope you have
a beautiful Wednesday.
ACEO's will be posted in
throughout the day.
PS. Sometimes our confidence may get a little wobbly.
But then fate or a friend steps in and it comes back again.
And all is well.

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