Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love a rainy Tuesday

It has been a whirlwind few days.
Not really because of outside influences
but because I was just in that sort of a mood.
I have been cleaning and organizing
and making lots and lots of lists.

I have been getting ready to be gone for 10 days (which I know isn't that long really, but somehow it seems like a long time to be away). This means lots of laundry, packing, making lists of all power cords and chargers that I don’t want to be without, trips to the post office (one swap package is ready to go and will be on its way tomorrow), and making a number of productive phone calls that I have been putting off.

But amidst all this chaos I have
somehow found a bit of calm.
After months of feeling like I had
no apparent direction
I can now see the path
is beginning to clear.
and that is
a huge relief.
Also I was having a bit of etsy anxiety
(because sales lately have been lots lower then ever before)
even to the point that I was wondering if it was worth the trouble,
and then a lovely buyer left me this note when checking out:
I've loved the things I've bought from you before, so I'm back - this is going to be a journal that I keep for my son who is 1 years old today. I think he has a chance of understanding his roots if he reads about himself across the years :-)
It was just what I needed.
I love knowing what my books are being used for
and I really love knowing that their use
turns them into something really meaningful.
So here's to keepin' on,
trying again,
and reminders that come just when you need them.


  1. That sounds like it'll be a really special book. It's amazing what something as simple as a book can mean to someone.

    I've got a feeling your etsy store will definitely pick up over the next month and a half :)

  2. Thanks so much Chris, and I am so happy that you connected to my tree design. :)

    I'm glad to see you back around these parts!

  3. I really don't know what it is about that tree but it's so good :) It seems familiar somehow... I might just have a special order in mind that you might be up for but I'll let you know for sure.

    I'm glad to be back around these parts!

  4. rainy weather is my happy one.

    I LOVEEED my swap gift i received from you today! oh susie... you are the loveliest!!!

    everything in it was so me-- my fiance thanks you for your local coffee beans! the vintage mug will be used tomorrow morning when i have to go to work (depressing on a sunday), the postcards... i LOVE postcards and even better-- ones that are yours and etsy. Gorgeous!!! does anything say comfort like mac and cheese? and natural to boot-- LOVE LOVE LOVE! chocolates- one has already been devoured and the rest have found a spot in my purse, also to take to work tomorrow ;)

    you are lovely and i'm pleased to know you! i promise to blog about it whenever my partner gets her package from me and to link your shops-- i love them! xoxoxo

    so thankful!

  5. Micaela I'm so glad that it arrived and you are happy with it!! :)

  6. Such a gorgeous comment Susie from your buyer. It so often happens that these signs show up at just the right moment to keep us on the right path x


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