Sunday, July 25, 2010

thoughts on turning 30

As my 30th birthday creeps closer
(its now one week away to be exact)
I cant help but look both backwards and forwards.

30 isn't old.
I know that.
But it is OLDER,
and its hard to not look
at where I am,
what I have,
and what I have made of
this life so far.

People, like wine, I think only improve with age.
Right now I feel more myself then I ever have before.
More comfortable. More confident.
Happier to be who I am.

I am happy to be turning 30.
In some odd way I feel like leaving my 20's will allow me to
leave behind some of the mistakes and trauma and stupidity of that decade.
I will remember the good, and
let go of the bad.
I cant help but think
that my next ten years
are going to hold some
really fabulous things.
And I'm looking forward to it.
My path is getting clearer.
My goals and desires are
beginning to show themselves
(and my understanding of
what I DON'T want is growing)
And now I think I am finally equipped
to put everything I have
into attaining what is really
important to me.
So now I'm ready to bring on the 30's. :)


  1. BRING it on! Thirty feels right, I can promise you that and I think you're just getting better and better.

    Birthday Love to come,
    - Umber

  2. Why thank you Dearest Umber.
    You are one of the greatest there is :)

  3. I swear that I can almost guarantee that your 30's will be better than your 20's!


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