Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yesterday i found myself feeling a little grumpy.
So i decided what better way to feel better than to give something away!

This is my first ever giveaway on this blog ever and I am quite excited about it. :)

Here is how it will work.

I will be giving away one small sized daily agenda OR blank book, whichever the winner prefers, with any cover paper or cloth that I have in stock (because I will make the book to ship before Christmas.) We can talk about all the details of what your book will look like once the winner is announced. If you want more details on the prize click HERE to see examples of blank books and HERE to see daily agendas.

I will do the drawing on THURSDAY at 7pm Eastern time.

If you want to enter all you need to do is
leave a comment on this post
and I will enter you into the drawing.

If you want more info on my books please feel free to browse through my shop.
Also for possible cover options please peruse my sold items section.


My goal for the next few weeks…
take more pleasure in my solitude.
Make sure that I am spending my time doing things that I really enjoy and want to do.
Use the time that I have WELL and don’t get too caught up in the craziness.


  1. Your goals and my goals seem to stride along side by side. Attempting to completely stop, even for just a few moments every day in order to not let the busyness overcome.


    All that said, Hooray for giveaways! I always get alLLllll excited!

  2. Oohhh. What perfect timing. Dave & I are embarking on a new business venture and a daily agenda would be great!

  3. I love your books! I would love to entered in the giveaway.

  4. Susie, do get caught up in the craziness. It's all part of the fun of Chritmas :D

  5. Maybe a daily agenda would help me get organized in the new year!

  6. Oooo, I'd love a book! I'm so glad you extended the deadline and I managed to enter this time around!

  7. would love to have something you have made, and you can't beat 'free'. awesome!


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