Monday, September 7, 2009

waking up

I have to level with you today.
Yesterday was not a great day.
There was a melancholy smell in the air perhaps…

I DID manage to get LOTS of sleep, make a few books, do a bit more cleaning/unpacking in my new little place, and a bit of therapeutic writing.

I want to be outside
and feel a cool breeze as the sun goes down
and the air gets colder
and I want to wrap a sweater around me
and enjoy the coming warmth.
The Fall
that is like a death of something
like a letting go
a going to sleep.
I want to sleep with it all
only to wake in the spring
refreshed and renewed
and ready to start again

If you wear a mask for too long
you forget who you were beneath it.
now that yesterday has passed I have high hopes for today.
How nice it is that every day we get to wake up to another chance to make things better.
Right now there is nothing quite so glorious
as the rain falling outside my open screen door...

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