Sunday, September 6, 2009

stop, wait, take a breath

This weekend has been quite nice so far.
Full of naps and more unpacking and feeling productive
mixed with just the right amount of social outings
and relaxation.
With a bit of solitude there is always some time for thinking.
And though there are bits of sadness brought on by it,
overall I think it’s a good thing.
Here are some highlights.

1. Crawling into my hole wont really work.
It might make me feel safe for a short while,
but it’s really not a good long-term solution to anything.

2. There is such a thing as being too trusting.
I have always wanted to be able to assume the best of people, to trust them.
I am now admitting that this just isn’t the case.
Some people don’t deserve it and will not use it well.

3. No sudden moves.
I want to think about things long and hard before making any big ish decisions.
Though I have a spontaneous heart I feel at this point it’s more important to be smart.
Spontaneity can rule later.

4. Fulfillment cannot come from anything outside.
Looking for it “out there” will not help. It will not fix it.
I think the only chance we have is looking inward honestly
and being willing and able to accept what we find there.

Now does anyone have a truck?
Apparently I need to move a bed….

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