Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A few thoughts on order…

First I think its important to remember that there is order even in things that do not look orderly.
And that order is important. It matters.

It can be a comfort and a help if we allow it to be.

We need order.
I need order.
I need some form of structure in my life.

And I do have some, some that is forced upon me by a 9-5 job and a cat and a being required to eat and take a shower in the morning etc etc.

But I do not have much beyond that.
And I do not have any when it comes to being creative.

This lovely blogger challenged me to find order in things.
To see it in unexpected places.
And I plan to start looking.

But it has also gotten me thinking about order in my life,
and the good that it can do for me,
and the places where it is missing.

I love writing, but I do not do it as regularly as I should,
and I do not do it with the discipline that I should.
I love making books and jewelry,
but again it seems to be pretty hit or miss as far as
when and how often and for how long I do those things.

Sometimes I don’t do any when I really should.
Sometimes I do so much all at once that I get very burned out.
Now I think I need to find that happy medium.

I need to find that mystical beast called balance that seems to be so difficult to achieve.

BUT I think this is doable and that it will bring good things.

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