Saturday, September 12, 2009


The other day or week or month or whenever it was when I was talking about turning INWARD instead of outward when I am in distress - has been on my mind lately.

I do still agree and I do still love and relish those moments
when I am able to do it.
Moments when I can stop and think and breath
and figure it out and feel better all on my own.
I love it.
The whole process.
The end result.
It is all so fulfilling and splendid.

And it is just so so much better then when I would try to ask others to make me feel better.
To fix what ails me.
Because in the end they can’t do it anyway,
and often I would just end up disappointed or frustrated or both.

another thought has just occurred to me.
Of one instance where it does pay to go outward.

I have realized recently that there is really no better or faster way to forget my own problems and issues then to go help someone else with their problems and issues. Or not even that but to just DO SOMETHING for another person. To focus on them instead of yourself. To think about what they might want or need or be missing instead of what you are missing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that self care is immensely important and that if we aren’t taking care of ourselves then we will be of no use to anyone else. But sometimes, every once in a while, when you have done what you needed for yourself,
I think there is nothing that will fill a soul more then caring for another person.

And there is always someone somewhere who needs you.
Whether it be friend,
or stranger on the street.

Try it.
You wont be disappointed.


  1. Right you are: helping others is as much as about helping one self and creates a healing experience. Thanks for putting it so eloquently!



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