Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday I took some time to think about ME.
To really think about what I needed.
And then

I actually did it.

I said no and I said yes when it actually made sense for me.
I looked at the GOOD in my life,
the people who DO care,
all the things I DO have instead of what is missing.
And I was productive.
I cleaned the kitchen and unpacked my studio a bit more and worked on custom book orders.

And I didn’t pick up the phone to reach outward in those quiet, sad moments*.
Instead I looked inward.

I embraced the quiet and the solitude
and I wrote and felt and faced things.
I didn’t run away or hide.

And I am SO glad.
And if I don’t say so myself I am just the littlest bit PROUD of myself. :)

And eventually a girlfriend just stopped by so I took a little time out for a drink and a good talk.

*(not that this always bad at all, it is just a weakness of mine that I am especially trying to do better with…)


  1. Lovely thoughts, many women don't think about themselves. Isn't nice when you do:)

  2. It WAS nice... I think we should all do it more often

  3. Thanks so much for the comments! :) I love hearing when poeple connect with something i say

  4. Isn't that such a great feeling when you embrace what is going on? Good for you!!!


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