Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sometimes I want to just put everything on pause. A conversation, a phone call, a meeting, an argument, a life. I want my glue to stop drying and my torch flame to stay right where it is. Margo’s tail to stop mid wag.
Just pause. Take a breather. A breath.

Yesterday when I was feeling overwhelmed I took the time I needed to gather my thoughts and relax.
I was out of sorts. I felt antsy and irritable and grumpy and very nearly unable to do anything. I didn’t know where to start. Something was unclear and it made me feel unsettled.
Then I decided to just dig in.
The trick, I think, was to just do something. To act.
Start anywhere.


So once I started I actually became quite the book making maniac. I made six books in all, three large albums and thee more normal sized blank books. I made them while watching fun background movies and listening to the rain and thunderstorm outside. It was actually quite nice.

Now, for day two of the proposition.

There are a number of things that I could say I did for myself, but I think the most important overall was this:
I didn’t rush myself. I gave myself the time and space I needed. I didn’t try to force it. I waited until I was ready and then I think the whole day and process of doing what needed to be done was much more enjoyable and productive then it would have been otherwise.

Now I am back at work and off to tackle day three…


  1. Oh sweet lady:)

    Found you through Etsy, and have been reading along these last few days...

    I am...

    Sending you much luck and fine thought this morning....

    as I am off to the farm to pull some weeds in the gardens, and feed the animals: for each weed I'll throw away my woes, and for each animal provided for I will thank the heavens for providing for me:

    Here's to productivity!


  2. Oh, I have so been there!! Needing a breather and turning out something lovely! If only we could do it more often!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the kind thoughts and words. I really love hearing from you! :)


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