Thursday, May 28, 2009

day three

The lovely lady who came up with this self care challenge idea asked yesterday if it was getting harder as the week has gone on to make time every day to do something just for me. And the answer is yes. It has gotten harder. But maybe that just means it will be more rewarding in the end.

I am also finding that what I count as self-care may change from one day to the next, depending on what I need. And yesterday what I needed was to care for someone else (or at least do my best). So that is what I did

I have been thinking lately about how much power we have to do good. And how much good we can do just by taking care of each other. Very small things have made a difference to me, and I believe my small actions can make a difference to someone else too.

In other news…
I made 3 more books yesterday (two large albums and a smaller book for myself) and a very good veggie/hummus/burrito type thing for dinner.

Work (life) is busy, but the weekend is coming quickly...

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  1. hmmmm, this does give one to stop and contemplate the effect our actions have on others...possibly even for generations to come.


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