Friday, February 6, 2009

catch up

Well it certainly has been a while. So first let me quickly catch up.
1. I started my etsy jewelry shop and sold my first item the very first day. I was quite excited.
2. My part of the country and world had quite a crazy storm and some people had no power for a whole week. I was not one of those people. My power was only out about 6 hours total, so I was a very lucky girl. But it did make work (at my day job) a bit exciting.
3. I have been reading a rather fun and thought provoking book (as well as some fun and not thought provoking books) and have been thinking quite a bit about what I want out of life and how in the world one goes about making those kinds of decisions.
4. I have also made some newish jewelry (at least new to me) and have thoroughly enjoyed trying new things and designing new things. I really am having fun.
5. I have decided once again that I want to write a book. A novel. It’s a goal of mine and has been on and off forever really, but it is now an official goal once again.
6. The book shop has also been keeping me busy with a steady stream of custom orders which I am also quite pleased about.
7. This weekend I need to do a very deep clean on my house.

More to come.

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