Wednesday, January 28, 2009

an ice storm in ohio

This morning I woke up to no power in the house, no heat, no hot water, no internet (I was supposed to work my day job from home that day), and to a very big ice storm that was bad enough that they could pull you over for being out on the road at all. It was to say the least, interesting.
But one of my very first thoughts, after wishing that I could have my morning coffee, was “Ohhh maybe I can work on my jewelry today!”
Today’s first goal I think is to use the daylight to try to get some decent photos. Taking close up detailed photos of very small things is a relatively difficult task, and one that I have certainly not yet mastered.
So here we go. I shall give it my best and see if I can make something work.

And now the power has come back on and I am a very happy camper. :)

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