Monday, September 19, 2011

a lovely rainy weekend

This weekend I spent a fantastically rainy two days at the beach. It honestly poured the entire time, but it was somehow perfect, and very soothing. I got to spend time with M as well as have a nice Saturday night to myself while he went to work. I took a hot bath, read, wrote, watched a movie and listened to the rain in the dark.

Somehow the rain seems to have washed away something.

What was so unclear for these past months is becoming clear again. And it is such a relief.

I have always tended to make things harder then they needed to be, and lately has been no exception. But at least for right now I don't feel a need for perfection. I can see the beauty in the mess and find joy in it. At least for right now I can let go and not hold myself or the world to some crazy standard and expectation that should never have even entered my head in the first place.

Right now I see possibility and good things in the future for all of us.

Have an awesome Monday chickadees. ~S


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