Thursday, September 22, 2011

the light on this morning's drive to work and a reasons to be happy list for this Thursday in September

Reasons to be happy list

the fact that cameras exist, that my office is on top of a hill in a beautiful vineyard, my cat bugging me to wake up in the morning, my vacuum, Target (yes I mean the store), living an hour and 20 minutes from the ocean, the feeling of writing with a really good pen, color, coffee, pink toe nail polish, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, my otter fur bracelet, a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, my very old and very awesome (and very dirty) Toyota Camry, playing music loud while cleaning the house, the big green tomato's that are ripening on my tomato plant, and mail.


  1. I agree they are all great reasons to smile.

    I am loving at the moment.
    leaves falling to the ground, bright colors, warm sweaters, mums, corn stalks tied to my fence, homemade spider webs , taste of peaches, good friends, smiling , the sound of a hammer, my dyson (im serious i love it!), my new curtains i found via a blog, pumpkins creeping across my yard, the snort of a pig, blueberries and greek yogurt.

    i could go on!

    happy weekend my friend.

  2. awesome list :) thanks for sharing it with me!!
    I need to hear a good pig snort!! :)


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