Friday, August 5, 2011


The house is starting to come together and and actually feel more like where I live.

Also I sort of wish it would rain today (or tonight), which is odd because I am going camping this weekend.

My good mood yesterday lasted precisely until I got home from work and things began to go wrong. Well, not wrong exactly, but not according to plan, which yesterday felt like the same thing as things going wrong.

The wild mood swings are starting to be less interesting and entertaining then they used to be.

I am also feeling more and more strongly lately how I need to get better at letting go of the plan.

I desperately need to find some balance. I am trying, but so far just haven't found it. But I will.

I am happy to have at least the start of a decent workspace. Hopefully that means I might at some point in my near future do some actual work.

I have been grumpy today. I wish I hadn't been. But hopefully a solitary drive and trip to the movies in a new town while I wait for my man to come meet me after a few days away will help lift it.

If that doesn't then I'm pretty sure seeing the ocean will.

Have a wonderful weekend birds!! xo


  1. i hope your weekend is just the rest and happy moments that you deserve. sorry to hear you've been feeling out of sorts. xx

  2. hope you feel a lot better soon :) have a great weekend xx

  3. When things start going bad /chaotic for me i just stop doing everything i have to do. i start doing everything i want to do.

    i hope your weekend is relaxing and the beach gives you some bliss.

  4. aw, thanks dears. I'm feeling MUCH better now.


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