Thursday, August 4, 2011

a good morning

Here is why today is already pretty awesome and its only 8:07 AM.

1. I am wearing an outfit that makes me happy. My favorite Sanuk flip flops that are even better because I bought them in Hawaii, cut off denim capris, a grey flowery tank top with a black cardie, my blue leather clutch and my noisy plume "I love your soul" tote. Also my toe nails are hot pink.

2. When I opened my door this morning someone had left me a very small and very fantastic antler. Over the weekend M had brought me an antler he had found in his travels the week before and it spent quite a bit of the weekend outside in the sun bleaching away some of the stains it picked up while laying in the woods. I can only assume that someone saw me out there with it and figured I like antlers. Whoever they are, I think they are wonderful.

3. I got a mocha and chocolate chip scone for breakfast.

4. This weekend will be spent camping at the beach. And its going to be sunny. :)

With a morning like that how can the rest of the day not be good?


  1. this sounds like the most amazing day!! camping at the beach sounds brilliant xxxxxxx

  2. hope the rest of your day is just as lovely!


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