Monday, July 11, 2011

rushing water and the weekend

This weekend included:

really yummy tinfoil dinners with steak and veggies washed by cold river water, reading by the river, some really great rocks, naps, beer kept cold by sitting on the river bottom, sunshine, and good company.

It was a relaxing, good weekend.

I am also feeling a bit odd. Like I need to pay more attention to the lower layers of things. Time is moving faster then I want it to. I find myself needing to remind myself that everything is ok, even though I already know it's true. Though I am not terribly behind I don't feel on top of things either.

Maybe this week I will try to fix that...


  1. your weekend sounds amazing. i want to live really near a river! xo

  2. thanks so much my dear! I hope yours was wonderful as well :)

  3. wow...just beautiful. Love that water!


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