Friday, July 8, 2011

the joys of moving, creating a workspace and why I love a patio

Now that I have a final move date (the 23rd, yayayayya!!!) for transitioning into my new place I have been figuring out what I need (since I sold pretty much everything I owned when I left Ohio and moved back to Oregon).

While I think I have it mostly figured out, I have been trying to find the perfect workspace/table/desk that I can use for a variety of mediums (leather, paper, paint, and I am hoping to get back to silver as well, so it must be quite strong and able to take a good beating) , and that will allow me to store my rather large collection of paper and book cloth that needs to be kept pretty much entirely flat (this mostly means I need a large shelf underneath the work surface).

So I have been looking at work spaces.

If anyone has any fantastic ideas for me, please oh please let me know! :)


I will also have a very tiny outdoor patio.

BUT its size will not keep me from thoroughly enjoying it. I will have a tomato plant, small herb garden, a very small grill and hopefully 2 chairs out there.

Here are a few outdoor ideas I came across in my browsing.

Though I cannot paint the door to my rental bright orange, I still dearly love this particular orange door and wanted to show you.

I am off to the Oregon coast this weekend. Hope you are all doing something wonderful :)

xo, ~s

All images found via Apartment Therapy.


  1. I Love looking at other people's work spaces/studios! I'm sure you will find the perfect solution x


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