Friday, June 24, 2011

trying is scary

Lately I havent been writing. And I have been wondering to myself why I have not been writing. I want to write. I really want to. I should do it. I need to do it. So why don't I just do it? If I really wanted to, I would, right? So does it follow that I don't really want to?

Nope, I think instead the reason is this:

Writing is scary.

At least for me it is. And I think mostly why its scary is because if I really truly try my very best, if I put my whole heart and soul into something and then I find out that even with all the effort I'm just not very good, it will be very, very heartbreaking.

This idea applies to most things in life... trying is scary.

This is also why once I have braved that great big blank page and have written something, the next step of showing it to someone becomes scary.

But of course, with writing (as well as anything else) if I don't try, if I don't just buckle down and do it, then I don't have even the slightest chance of not sucking. If I don't try then I suck automatically.

Today I really love THIS POST over at Unruly Helpmeet.

First drafts are always bad. Get used to it. Expect it. Don't worry about it. What a fantastic thought.

Signing off~ SS

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