Thursday, May 12, 2011

hope and random (but happy) thoughts

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Random thoughts:

*There are certain very foggy mornings when you just need a mocha (with whipped creme) and a bagel for breakfast. And yes I did say need.

*On my mind lately has been the idea of honesty and authenticity vs appropriateness. I will admit that there are times when its better to keep your mouth shut, especially when you are not terribly tied in any important way to the topic or person you are keeping your mouth shut too. But when that tie is there, my general conclusion is this:

screw appropriateness.

If you are a person who is important to me, then I want you to really and truly know me. How can I expect you to do that if I keep important things to myself?

* I have also discovered, quite happily, that I am no longer someone who can be pushed or bullied into something. At the first sign of the possibility of feeling this way I completely rebel, and quite frankly, freak out. Though I do sort of thing the freak out part is unnecessary, I am glad to find that I wont be bullied.

*I found an old pair of corduroy pants in a drawer over the weekend and happily they still fit like a glove. I had forgotten how much I love cords.

*Right now I am in love with the idea that nothing will ever be perfect the first time. No one can sit down in front of a canvas or work bench or computer and instantly produce something beautiful and meaningful and amazing that says exactly the thing that they wanted to say. Everyone, no matter how lovely or talented, has to practice. To revise. To try again and again and probably go through a whole lot of failed attempts before they get to the version they were going for in the first place.

So there is no need to stress out about that first attempt. Its almost certainly going to be terrible. And that is a-ok. Just go ahead and start, take a crack at that first draft because otherwise you wont ever get to the good version.

*Also, sometime even when its cold out, you still need to wear flip flops so your hot pink toe nails will show.


  1. Ah yes, stressing about the first attempt! This is my problem exactly! Slowly working on it x

  2. I still sometimes wish we lived next door and could meet for tea and have long talks... You are lovely.


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