Thursday, April 14, 2011

trying on a life

While Ive been job searching and going to countless interviews, one part of it that I have really enjoyed is that with every interview I get a glimpse into this who other possible life.

There would be new people, new places, new things to learn, new career focuses, new goals. The same me but in a whole new context.

Today I got a glimpse of a life that included country living (while still being only about 45 minutes from the city that I love), being able to live alone if I want to, possibly in a house with a yard and a garden, working at a desk with a window that looks out over a beautiful vineyard, lots of rain, and lots of quiet.

From where I'm standing that life doesn't look half bad.

I hope your Thursday is filled with magic and possibility.


  1. Sounds amazing to me!
    life really is interesting and you are so right the people you pass on the way into an interview could be someone that makes a difference in your life in the coming years. really exciting!

  2. Yeah, I am pretty excited to see how it all turns out. :) Right now its a great big mystery but in a year it will all seem like the most natural thing in the world...

  3. Well from a completely outside perspective, I'm thinking that sounds divine.

  4. Thanks lovelies :)
    At this point I am letting myself hope that it works out...

  5. Ohh ... that sounds just wonderful! Hubby and I would love to move into the countryside to be more connected to nature.
    Let us know how you go!


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