Sunday, April 17, 2011

painting spaces: use what you have

What I think I love the most about these particular spaces is how the artist uses whatever they have, no matter how small or humble or seemingly ordinary their space is, and turns it into something that can inspire them.


Lokelani Forrest's entire apartment is 450 square feet, so her studio space encompasses the dining room/living room/family room. But the artist says the size is just right for her.


This artist enlarged the counter area in a basement nook to create her studio space.

*** Agnes Preszler uses her living room in a historic home in Italy as studio space, and when its nice she moves her easel onto her balcony. ***
This artists set up a studio in the small amount of available space in his basement.


AJ Murosky uses a 10 x 10 shed for his studio space. He says lighting can be an issue, but otherwise it does the trick.

This artist used what he had to make a very inexpensive, well organized, and easy to use paint tube organizer.

In his own words:

I took scrap pieces of wood, screwed them together in a step fashion so the pieces end up a little higher than the one in front and so on. Then I got two pieces of pvc pipe 3" and 2 1/4". I cut them so that when the tubes are standing inside them the label shows with the color name. Then I glued them to the wood with Liquid Nails. I cut some bigger ones also for the paint brushes. All the materials cost $11.00 and I still have plenty over. Not fancy but organized!

All images and artist statements found HERE.


  1. the smallest spaces are usually the most organized because they have to be! congrats on your new space.

  2. Tube set-up = Brilliant.

    I want.

  3. yeah, I do love my small space, but I cant claim that it is often organized...

    And that tube set up is pretty magical. Might be a fun near future project!


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