Wednesday, April 20, 2011

rocks and the beauty of imperfect things

On my last trip to the beach instead of being drawn to the lovely
perfectly rounded stones that had been worked by the ocean and turned into
an ideal image of what a sea stone should be, this time I was drawn
almost entirely to the imperfect ones.

The ones with an interesting texture or color or shape. The rough ones.
The ones that were still in the process of being worked into their most smooth and flawless selves.

Today I was thinking about how lovely it is to know things. How much easier life is when you have all the information, so you can lay it out in an organized way and then make the best and most logical decision based on what you have put before you.

But then I thought about how rarely we have all the information.

Usually we are lucky to even get a glimpse of a direction or a future or goal.
Usually there is a lot we don't know.
And that's ok. Its ok to not know. To just accept and hold on to
whatever small bit of knowledge you do have.
Be grateful for it and try to be patient with the rest.


  1. I love it when I find gems of insight from nature as well. Such a beautiful and innocent way of learning about life xx

  2. So true! love this post x


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