Thursday, January 6, 2011

my new years post: 2011, come on in...

It is now January 6th I have not yet done my resolution post.
Oh dear.
Once again I am a little late.
But, it HAS been on my mind.

So after looking back over my last year and ahead to the year that I hope I have in front of me, I made a list of things that I want to be different in this coming year then they were in the last.

The list was long.
This last year was rough.
And the thought of all that change was daunting.

But, luckily, I am an organizer, so I organized.
I categorized and widdled down
and got to the heart of every last item I had written.

And what I found was an overall need to be more authentic to,
honest about,
and pleased to be who I am.

So what I am offering as my resolution this year
is an overall intention
to live more authentically,
honestly, and happily.

I know that is quite large and vague, but I think large and vague might work for me.

What I am hoping is that if I can be me honest with myself I will gain a more clear view of what I want and where I want to go. I will find more direction and I will be more self assured as I bravely am honest with those around me about who I am and am accepted and even appreciated for it. I will appreciate and love myself more and so I will care more and better for myself by doing the things that bring me real happiness and peace and turning away from what doesn’t. I will turn inward, knowing that I can honestly look at and resolve a problem for myself instead of feeling the need to turn outward for some momentary fix that wont really resolve anything. I will take better care of myself physically, which will also help me feel more centered and peaceful. And all of the above will make me less likely to settle for anything other then what I really want in this odd world of dating as a divorced 30 year old woman.
I guess what I am saying is
that I believe these things are all connected,
and that improving one will naturally lead
to improving the rest.

The truth is I want to make over
a whole lot of areas of my life.
Not because it’s the new year,
but because they aren’t what or where I want them to be
and they need to be fixed.

So even though my list of specifics is long,
I will be patient with myself. I will take thing slowly.
And slowly I will get where I want to go.

And now for some funner,
more specific pieces that I believe will
come together to create my large and vague intention above:

Read more. Turn off the TV. Write more. Walk more. Go to yoga. Take photos. Paint. Say no. Know when to walk away and do so. Cook. Grow things. Don’t worry about what I am missing, enjoy what’s in front of me. Go outside more. Find a job I (mostly) like. Foster more and better relationships with women. Foster a better relationship with God. Get rid of those relationships that don’t bring good. Know where my money goes. Stick to my budget. Buy only what I will really use and love. Don’t eat food that is bad for me unless I will really enjoy it, and then in moderation. Embrace my optimistic side (don’t be hardened by a hard world). Take more baths. Don’t just say “oh screw it” when making a decision. Sleep on it. Then tomorrow make the better choice.
In some other very happy news I will be leaving town early Saturday
morning for 10 days to go bask in the lovely sunshine
and palm trees and warm ocean water of Maui.
You should expect many photos. :)
The shops will remain open but any purchases made after
3pm on the 7th will be shipped on the 18th when I return.
I will have a bit of internet access.
Hope all you birds are enjoying
your first Thursday of 2011.


  1. You are sooo lucky to be heading to Maui!
    Have a wonderful time and cannot wait to see the pics.

  2. Thanks dear! I am super excited :)

  3. So many good thoughts here Suzy! I hope 2011 is your best year yet. Have a lovely holiday!


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