Thursday, January 6, 2011

custom love

3 lovely custom 9x6 blank books are heading to the hands
of a delightful woman in British Colombia and her 3 children.

I am a bit in love with this new koi stamp.
(an agenda featuring this bad boy will be in the shop tomorrow morning)

This cheerful agenda is heading to New Jersey and to be used and loved
by the lovely winner of my new years giveaway.
This custom goldfish agenda will be making her way to a
happy home in Texas.
Sometimes I like to think about
the far off corners of the world
where each book or aceo or piece of jewelry
is sent to live out the rest of its life.
Happy Thursday
night chickadees!


  1. Diggin' on the koi stamp... actually it reminds me very much of one of my tattoos (no koi, but traditional circular Japanese seals).

    Well stamped, well bound lady!

  2. oooh, your tattoo sounds fabulous!


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