Sunday, January 30, 2011

its all a journey

I have been thinking
how every little thing in this world has something to share or teach
we just need to learn to listen.
how a change in direction is good for the soul.
how being humbled occasionally makes me better.
how sometimes the bravest and strongest move is to be exposed and vulnerable.
and how all love and all giving counts.
Also on NPR yesterday someone said that the world has changed from a world of marathons to one of sprints and a nerve was struck in my head. I suck at sprints. I'm not fast. I'm just not. at all. I will never be good at sprints. Its not who I am. I am a marathoner (metaphorically speaking only) who is being forced to exist in a world of sprints. Maybe that is why I sometimes struggle to find my stride.
Lately I feel close to the edge of something.
I'm sure hoping its something good. :)


  1. I am sure it is something wonderful! You so deserve it.

    kathleen xx

  2. I think we're building a tribe of marathoners.

  3. I'm slow at everything I do. And I refuse to hurry up! Hurray for the slow life I say.

  4. Slow growth and slow movements are where it's at girl....say no to the pressure and do what you love... at the pace that works for you!


  5. You guys are the greatest :) I love knowing we are all out there.


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