Tuesday, February 1, 2011

creative spaces

I have always been interested in and inspired
by the spaces that artists create for themselves.
Sometimes all that is necessary is a coffee shop,
or a blanket by the ocean and a pen and journal.
But sometimes you need something a little more complex,
with a home to tenderly place each tool.
Here are a few that I have come across lately:
This workspace belongs to Lisa of Lisa's Lovelies.
Image found here
The dearest UmberDove
Image found here
Kerri of Songs of Light
Image found here
Heather Smith Jones
Image found Here
Portland artist Betsy Walton
Image found here
Necessary parts of any creative space for me:
room to sprawl
natural light
something alive and green and leafy
images or items that inspire
lots of storage
bits of nature gathered during my travels
Have a lovely Tuesday birds!


  1. Oh how nice to find myself here! I love looking at artist's spaces too :)


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