Friday, November 12, 2010

lets paint! walls not pictures...

As you read this I am
somewhere in SLC, UT
painting a wall.
You may or may not know this about me,
but I like (like, really like) bright, cheery,
dark and loud wall colors.
In my last home we had
an asparagus colored living room,
a kitchen with an orange ceiling
and dark blue and grey walls,
a mustard colored dining room,
and a very bright
lime green bathroom.
It may sound odd,
but really it worked out very nicely.
My current dream
is to live in a room
made of turquoise.
Anyway, since I am currently
helping my sister
paint many many rooms
of her new house I decided to post a few
pretty walls just for you.

all found via apartment therapy


  1. I think I would love all of those apart from that yellow room. Maybe a strong rusty orange might work with some green in the right places in that living room?

  2. I think a rusty orange sounds awesome :)


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