Thursday, September 9, 2010

rebuilding and hiding

Lately I have been feeling the need to self protect.
To take a break from the outside world
and dig in
and rebuild.
So I took the day off work
I am writing, drawing, painting,
focusing on the process instead of
what it is that's bothering me.
Trying to write or paint the way it feels
in hopes that that will make me feel it less,
or at least feel more in control of it.
I cant help but be frustrated with myself when even after knowing what an issue is, or knowing that I tend towards a certain thing that isn't good for me, I still want to do that thing. I still want whatever it is that I don't or shouldn't have. I still have the impulse. And I don't always talk myself out of giving in. I am frustrated that its not easier to do what's best. But it isn't. Its hard, and my frustration wont change that.
So with the rest of my day
I will drink my mocha in the quiet,
read my book, cook some good food
and try to stop thinking about it so hard.
Relinquish control and just
let what needs to happen happen.
Stop fighting so hard for something
that maybe I shouldn't have anyway.


  1. When you're old like me this will be easier! I know exactly what you mean and I think it only improved for me when I stopped giving it all my attention and just let myself be gloriously imperfect.

  2. yeah I think that is why some of the things I enjoy most are things that take me out of my head.


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