Wednesday, August 4, 2010


conversations with a sea gazer
there is something calming and magical about the ocean.
looking at it. swimming in it. walking through it. just being near it.
I have spent many happy, peaceful and balanced hours gazing at it,
allowing it to refill my needy soul.
This photo collection captures a bit of the feeling of those hours.
conversations with ancient things
I think it is a fact of life that aged places and things
have more soul then the new.
For that reason I have a love for old things.
Antique weddings rings, used books, old refurbished furniture,
a rusted bridge, or a very tall tree.
This series has captured a bit of that soul.

conversations with color
The world is a very bright and beautiful place.
This series captures some of the vibrant
and lovely colors that make nature the wonder and inspiration
that it is.


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