Monday, May 17, 2010

a glorious, rainy, contradiction of a day

Today is a glorious rainy day.
I have to tell you
that I am having mixed feelings
about leaving this place that i have both
loved and hated.
It has been my home through some of
the best and worst
that I have ever experienced.
It has also been my home
and refuge
during the times of my
most profound and
sometimes painful
I am both happy to be leaving
[the thought of going HOME sometimes
takes my breath away] and
[the thought of 2500 miles
between me and all that I love here
is too much
to wrap my head around .]
I feel a bit like one big
but in a good way.
Today also would have been my
8 year wedding anniversary,
which of course makes it a bit
odd, and sad,
but ok too.
But it is certainly a day
for looking back.
and enjoying
listening to the
rain drops
as they fall.


  1. S.
    Thank you so much for sharing such a meaningful, no doubt vulnerable, day. The rain is so very appropriate.

  2. Thanks C.
    I really appreciate the support. and the rain really was perfect, like the northwest was welcoming me home :)

    Hope things are going ok for you and your difficult transition as well


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