Sunday, May 16, 2010

black and white

1. It has recently occurred to me that I am more comfortable
with myself and who and where I am then I have been in a really long time.
And with that comes the realization that
I no longer have to feel like I have to fight so hard for everything.
And its actually kind of wonderful.
2. Recognizing that you have come a long way does not
mean that you can suddenly let down your guard.
Its still very easy to fall back into
old, bad habits.
Its best to continue to be careful.
Don't get lazy.
3. It is 2483 miles from Nelsonville Ohio to Portland Oregon.
That is a really long way.
4. Every day actions can be really really beautiful.
5. For me to feel that I am being authentic I have discovered that it is
especially important for me to admit when I am afraid.
But there are few things that I love more then
the feeling of having done something that scared me.
Having done something that makes me feel brave.
6. Some things really are better in black and white.


  1. OOOHH

    Love that picture!

  2. GO you!! doing things that make me feel afraid is an ongoing challenge for me!!

  3. why thanks to both of you!

    I am pretty partial to that photo as well :)
    and Elsiee its certianly not easy, but I think you will love it in the end!


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