Friday, April 2, 2010

a goal for the weekend: color

I have decided
that this weekend
I want to focus on color.

There are amazing, beautiful, vibrant colors all around me
and sometimes I just walk right on by them
without noticing or admiring like I should.
So today I decided to notice.

This weekend I will take my camera with me wherever I may go
and I will try to capture
some of the lovely colors that surround me.

small confession:
part of my motivation for this little bit of focus on the good around me is that I can always kind of feel when another low or dark time is coming a little before it actually hits. I can feel it coming now and I am trying hard to find good things to focus on in an effort to soften the blow a little bit.
I have realized that in life in general I tend to hold on to things for a little too long. With some things there is a period of time where something is good for you, and then a time when it needs to at lest start to be over (or change significantly), and I generally wait an extra 3-6 (slightly painful) months after that moment before I let go to whatever point is necessary. I need to learn to let go when the time is right.


  1. A good out the bad and gloomy with light and beauty! Thanks for stopping and now I have to check your lovely art!


  2. Oh learning to let go is such a giant life lesson isn't it? I struggle with this too. I must be a hoarder of feelings! I beat things to death in my mind over and over. I must say that the good thing about having a dark side though, is I truly think that your life becomes deeper. People with dark sides don't tend to be surface swimmers. No, we are the deep sea divers! And I'm kinda proud of that! Keep your chin up, you are not alone x x

  3. I totally agree! though sometimes the dark part is no fun, I agree that it adds a certain depth and beauty and vision to life that not everyone sees. I have tried to view it as a gift even. :) its good to see the good part of it.


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