Wednesday, March 31, 2010




last night was slightly traumatic
for reasons that I wont go into.
But, after a good cry
and some much needed sleep

I woke up this morning feeling...
well, to be quite frank I felt done.
Done doing things that aren't good for me and done putting too much stock into the opinions of those who don't want whats best for me and who aren't there when they are needed.
Done with taking other people's s*&%
and ready to turn around and walk away from anything or anyone that gives me trouble.
Ready to run over anything that gets in my way.
I woke up feeling sassy
and independent
and capable.

I then went to breakfast with a great group from work and proceeded to have a wonderful day.


  1. Good for you! Life is far too short to include anyone that you don't absolutely adore! I've been there and once I kept the people in my life to a short but fabulous list I was much happier. You don't need a hundred friends. 3 or 4 brilliant people totally win over 100 average, not so great ones!

  2. we are so coordinated in how we think about things :) its kindof great.


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