Saturday, March 20, 2010

progress and a chat with my bridge

I had started to plan this transition a number of times before.
I had picked tentative dates to move, tentative last days at my current job.
Tentative everything.
But I never moved forward with those plans.
I never took steps to bring them any closer.

But this time things are different.

This time it suddenly feels right.
I don't know if the difference is that i am more ready this time,
or if its all in the timing -
but either way this time around it is all so much better.

I am actually making plans during the month of June
that involve me being on the west coast.
I am really starting to transition out of my current role at work.
I'm planning my big move.
I am doing things to take better care of myself.
And I am feeling better.
more positive.
more hopeful.
more like myself.

I feel more sure then before that I am on the right track
that maybe i really can improve
maybe I really can make up for my mistakes
and that maybe I really can do better next time.

Today I ate a bagel with Swiss cheese and had some delicious coffee while catching up on some favorite shows on hulu, went for a nice jog/walk since the gym is closed for spring break, made a stop at my favorite train bridge, took a drive, did a little shopping, spent some time in the sun, some time on the phone with my lovely sister, and spent some wonderful time relaxing.

So far its been a damn fine weekend.

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  1. You're so lovely! I'm so glad everything is going well :)


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