Thursday, March 25, 2010

meanderings for a Thursday afternoon

2 days ago I had a day where I wanted something,
I asked for it,
and then I got just exactly what I wanted to get.
It was actually quite lovely.
There are certain people in this world (some of whom I have never met in person) who I would really like to live next door to. That way we could meet for tea or a glass of wine in the evening and chat about our lives and loves and losses and all the things that we have learned.
It would really be a delightful neighborhood.
sometimes I am amazed by the resilience of people,
especially women.
I am amazed by the way that things continue on, like whatever tragedy or magical happening that just occurred in your life doesn't change everything in the world around you like you expect it to. I guess what it changes is how you see everything in the world around you - the things themselves don't actually change much at all. What changes, is actually you.

And sometimes I still do stupid things that I wish I wouldn't do. I will probably always occasionally (though I hope less and less often) do these things. I can regret them and I can learn from them, but holding onto it will do no good. Feel it. Learn from it. Try to do better next time. But discard the guilt. Just toss it out the next open window you pass by and don't give it another thought. Its really the only rational thing that can be done with it.


  1. So much truth here! I especially identified with the idea about how what changes is how we see the world... I'm learning this more and more in my own life. It's actually empowering, since all we can really change is ourselves and our perspective anyway.

    Here's to a little deep thinking on Thursday... ;)

  2. Yeah, that would be a great neighbourhood! I know what you mean about things continuing on in spite of tragedy. Many years ago I worked in a hospital, and I clearly remember standing in a small room alone with a still born baby, and there were people laughing out in the hall. It was not my baby, but it was the world's baby if you know what I mean, and it was a tragedy for all of us to miss out on this person. Who knows who they would have been. I always was so surprised that the world just seemed to keep on turning, no matter what. Sorry, that's so depressing and sorrowful but for some reason I feel the need to acknowledge that little person.

  3. thanks so much Amanda! You are so right that its an empowering thing, and its so much better if we see it that way instead of thinking all the change is a bad thing.

    And that is such a sad story about about the baby. I love that you thought of him as the worlds baby. As much as I know it pains you sometimes, I just love how you see the world.


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