Monday, March 1, 2010

7 things to help me stop feeling like I am about to spiral wildly out of control...

(because my Dad
always taught me that
7 was a lucky number)
1. Stop spending money.
Save it.
Keep track of where it goes. These kinds of things are good to know.
2. Stop working insane hours and take time for myself,
to listen to music and ponder and write
about my life and current path.
3. Exercise.
4. Take time to cook good meals.
5. Clean. (Dirty dishes, this means you.)
6. Take time to do fun grooming things like whitening my teeth and painting my toe nails.
7. Accept help and love and friendship when they are offered.
Don't wreck it with definition.
also, a friend sent me this
very thoughtful reminder today
to keep in mind as I plan my future:
"Stay hungry.
Stay Foolish."
Steve Jobs


  1. Hi! Guess what? You have received an award over at my blog! Go check it out, but remember you don't have to play along unless you want to x x

  2. Thanks so much! I would love to participate :)


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