Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dont fight it

The last few days have been a little off.
I have felt an ache.
like something that doesn't quite fit.
and I don't.
its like I no longer belong in this life that I have here.
Its time to move on,
but its not yet time to go.
But already ties are beginning to be cut.
And once that
sometimes painful process
its best to finish it as quickly as possible.
So I will not fight it.
I will embrace the next stage.
I will work on it.
Try to ensure that my future is what I want it to be.
and I will use this time of in between that I have left here
to create
to write
to produce
to ponder
to rest.


  1. Your work is budding beautifully, and I think I know all of what you are speaking both figuratively and literally.

    In solidarity you have my support. Always.
    I've been reading from afar these last few weeks, working in my own place:)


  2. I wish you lived closer! You could come over for a cup of tea and we could discuss life for hours!

  3. you guys are the greatest.
    I really appreciate the support :)

    And i too wish we lived closer. I think our tea and discussions would be wonderful!


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