Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"we are here to laugh at the odds
and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us."
- charles bukowski

PS. I promise i have been writing, but it has all been longhand ( i needed a break from my laptop), and i don't count the word count until I get it written up.

AND i am still looking for the perfect name for my female main character and any suggestions you have would be appreciated. AND i am planning to finally put a very shorty synopsis of the novel on here this week so you can all give me helpful comments! I cant wait to hear what you say. :) Thanks in Advance!

PPS. ALSO i am leaving for Utah to see family
for WHOLE WEEK this Saturday.
and i am quite excited.


  1. the more i read it the more i really love that quote...

  2. Hmm, names. Sarah, Sonja, Leah, Margot, Hannah, Jean, Hope, Aya, Sallah ..

  3. Finding the right name can be hard as it kinda depends on the characters personality and when/where the story is set. But here are a few anyway, Ok I suppose mine first, lol, (self centered?? No its just an unusual name!) Chantele, Briony, Niamh, Freya, Olivia, Skyla, Lyra, Trinity, Genevive (you can tell I like unusual names!) Collet, Amber, Summer, Raine, Payton, Charity. Or if the character is a bit more normal how about Annabel, Jenny, Eimilie, Amelia, Verity, Lara, Tara, Annalee, Bree. Ok so the list is endless but hope these can help a little. Search baby names and check the meanings to find one that suits your character.

  4. wow, thanks guys! those are some great names... i will let you know when i finally decide :)


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