Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thing that I said I would do that I have not done:
Eat healthier
Work less
Things that I said I would do that I have done:
Stick to my budget
Start to formulate a plan
Write more
Read more
Try to face things more instead of attempting escape
Clean my house
So the things that I have not done yet
are right at the top of the to do list for this week – especially
to find a good nearby yoga class – which is not as easy as it sounds
when you are in a small town like I am,
but I am sure I can find something.
I just might have to drive 20 minutes to get there.
Also I had been feeling all this pressure to be super open and honest with people, but then it hit me, that Idon’t have to be terribly open with everyone. In fact it would be very odd if I was. It really isn’t very smart even to tell people I don’t know very well things that are personal and important to me. Those types of things should be saved for those that I trust.
It finally occurred to me that I don’t have to share
with people anything that I don’t want to share with them.
It’s totally up to me.
The more important thing here is being honest with myself.
And that is something that I AM getting much better at.
Also I swear that yesterday a squirrel who lives on my roof
was playing peek a boo with me through my living room window.

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