Thursday, October 15, 2009


it’s been a bit of a rough couple days for reasons that I won’t go into.
and I have found myself in a bit of an emotional tornado.
But it’s all going to be ok and here is why:

- I will be more grateful and focus on all the great things that are right in front of me that are so often so hard to see
- I will work hard
- I will do the things that I enjoy, and perhaps even try a new thing or two that I have always wondered about (its national novel writing month in November... hint hint hint)
- I will accept the acts of kindness and comfort that others offer me
- I will not expect perfection
- Because today someone told me I am a strong, beautiful, intelligent, independent woman
- because tonight I will call my sister and cuddle my kitty
- because the world is a big and beautiful place
- because I know I am a creative girl
- because my family is really quite spectacular
- because I should be receiving a lovely package in the mail tomorrow
- and for all sorts of other reasons, but I think that that is plenty for now.


  1. You have a great outlook. Keep up the positivity!

  2. thanks! :) Sometimes I am half talking myself into it, but I sure do try!


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