Thursday, September 17, 2009

this little town of mine…

Lately I keep finding myself thinking
of this very small very old town where I live and wondering:
“what in the world am I doing here.”
I am a west coast girl.

And now here I am living in Ohio.
It’s just so odd…
Anyway, here are a few photos of my little town.
And it does certainly have its charms,
adorable train tracks everywhere, old brick streets,
and even a town square complete with old buildings and a fountain.

I suppose there are worse places to live,
and I can always decide to pick up and move tomorrow... :)
Please excuse my bad photos as they were taken from a moving car window which I was driving at the time.


  1. Oh, I love my little Ohio town! It's still bigger than the tiny place I grew up in in Southern Florida.

  2. what tiny ohio town is this? it looks a lot like medina. i'm in cleveland ; )

  3. Its Nelsonville, really close to Athens in SouthEastern Ohio.

    And I love my Ohio town too, I am just from Portland Oregon and this doesnt always feel 100% like home :)

    plus I think the place where we live when we go through wild life stuff always gets a little wrapped up with the experiences themselves, even though what happened has nothing at all to do with where i was at the time.
    Its a very cute and fun little town :)


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