Wednesday, September 23, 2009

snippets and a brick wall

“You don’t have to always be fine.”
“Yes I do”
“You really don’t. I promise”
A melancholy mood descends…

After a bit of a dark moment yesterday I decided that the thing to do was to focus on the very small. So after work I went out side with my camera and looked closely at things. I tried to look at them differently. To see the beauty and interest that comes from when you look from another angel.
There are very few things
as beautiful as moss

Do not grieve too much for me,
the part of me who will be dead
it is good she will be gone.

I will feel the hole that remains at her leaving.
but I can give her up

for something more
(for you, or an idea that will never stop inspiring)

few things are as lovley as a brick wall covered in ivy
that has lived through more years then i have

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