Monday, September 21, 2009

a new week

Overall the weekend was good.
I wish it had been longer.
I had some good times and good conversations
(which are always better when had with a shared bottle of wine)
and I think that I am getting better at being honest with myself.

Better at forgiving.
Better at limits.
Better at accepting the bad with the good
without too much sadness.
Today it is raining
And I am SO happy about it.
(I took my time walking through it and didn’t mind the odd looks of my coworkers)
Today I (so far):
got to talk to an old friend,
took a moment for myself during the day,
worked hard,
didn’t worry,
and turned inward instead of outward when my mind started going a direction I didn’t want it to.
So far its been a pretty good day.
I think I am ready for some cold weather. I want to bundle up. :)


  1. Bundle up in front of the fire with a warm brew, some good cake and a good book?

  2. It does :) To make it more perfect it could be gently snowing outside as well?


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