Friday, August 21, 2009


Resolute Twig is having a SALE
ALL items in both the bookshop AND the silver shop are all 20% off

This weekend only!
Friday Saturday & Sunday

**Please go ahead and make your purchase as usual and I will refund your money via paypal.**


I think that I am moving into another stage...
The stage where I kind of want to crawl into a quite little hole and just self protect for a while.
Just curl up and think and read and write and work. To not go out and not worry about dealing with other people and the messiness and drama that comes from them. Today it all just seems like too much.
I think today I would rather just stay in my nice little warm and safe place I have created for myself and just be.

(I know this is not a good solution for very long, but I think its ok for today)

Hopefully that can mean some good things for my etsy shops and that I get my house totally cleaned, unpacked and settled.


  1. yay for your sale! I get that way all the time it feels like you never want to deal with ppl again but a day or two or 3 to yourself taking care of you does wonders promise!

  2. 2 or 3 days sounds just about right...


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