Saturday, August 22, 2009

direction, declaration and daily joy

I have been thinking lately about how I don’t want to be like a little boat on the ocean that moves with every wave that comes my way.
I don’t want my path to be random.
I want to know what I want to head towards
and I want to move in that direction with purpose and intention.

I know that these types of plans often don’t turn out, and that’s ok.
I can be very flexible and can certainly readjust and adapt, but I figure you are a whole lot more likely to get what you want if you identify what it is and are openly trying to get closer to it.
I also do think there is something significant
about saying something out loud.
In declaring it.
So I decided one helpful stop on this path of determining my direction is to identify some things that bring me joy in my daily life now. Just small, normal, every day things that are part of what makes life such a good time.
So here are a few…
Things that bring me joy every day:
Being outside – sun, rain, clean air on my skin, bare feet on green grass…
Those I love – feeling close to them, the connection (feeling that connection with someone new too for that matter…)
Enjoying the moment – a quick laugh or smile
Good food and drink (cooking)
And clean and pleasant place to live and be
Creating things – making
Feeling productive and capable (in my work mostly…)
The calm confidence that comes from knowing your value
Moments when you have clarity of vision


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