Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vegetables can be so pretty.

I just want to mention that whenever I feel I am at the end of some sort of line or rope or what have you, if I stop and breath and write out whatever unpleasant feeling is welling up in me its like the feeling flows through my hand and my pen and onto the page and then I can just let it go. Its almost as if because I know it is recorded somewhere it is no longer precious to me. It no longer needs to be saved and kept close. I think often I am under the misguided impression that what I feel is somehow overly important. Its not. Especially the painful stuff. Better to just let it all go and be forgotten. The writing it down helps me with that part.

today cant be too bad a day because I am going to buy some silver.

"Most of all, he did not want to be defeated as most people in the world were, that is, simply by not really living, eaten by the termites of a half life semi-lived." ~John Knowles

I want to really live.

It looks like this is going to be a kind of purple summer…

But that is just fine because I really like purple. :)

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